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Smokey Quartz Crystal

This stone is not only beautiful but has many benefits. It neutralizes negative vibes & is detoxifying on all levels. It can help disperse fear, lifts depression & negative thinking... and the best quality is that it protects against radiation and electromagnetic smog. This stone can bring calmness and aids in relieving stress and anxiety levels. This stone is best when working with your Base or Root Chakra that is located at the base of the spine & controls the energy of feeling and movement. Smokey Quartz is a very grounding stone just like it’s color and the earth. Let go of your worries and calm your mind... if you need help sleeping this stone is a great one to wear or have near you when you sleep. A great way to cleanse your Smokey Quartz is to place in the sun or under a full moon. I also cleanse my crystals with sage smoke as they do absorb energies.

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